Take the Porosity Test to see which one of our products will best meet your needs.

Fill up a cup of water, take one or two strands of hair off your comb, brush, or scalp and drop it in the water. If the hair floats, you have low porosity, but if it sinks, you have high porosity.

Low Porosity entails that your hair is more resistant to moisture, and you should use penetrating oils to help seal moisture instead of coating oils.

High Porosity entails that your hair has gaps in the cuticle, which allow moisture to quickly access it.

Low Porosity Products                                          High Porosity Products

Maritza’s Cocktail                                                    Maritza’s Cocktail

Maritza’s Vodka                                                         Maritza’s Gin Tonic

Maritza’s Coco Mixture                                             Maritza’s Shampoo

Maritza’s Shampoo                                                   Maritza’s Conditioner

Maritza’s Conditioner                                                Maritza’s Scotch

Maritza’s Bourbon                                                     Maritza’s Rosé

Maritza’s Tigwine                                                      Maritza’s Henna

Maritza’s Amaretto                                                    Maritza’s Amaretto

Maritza’s Gourmet                                                    Maritza’s Tigwine

Maritza’s Rhum                                                        Maritza’s Gourmet

Maritza’s Scotch                                                       Maritza’s Rhum

Maritza’s Henna (Twice a year)


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